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Analysis of the target market

Analysis of the target market

Analysis of the target market and the assessment of development opportunities

Expertise in analysis of the target market is the source for research solutions adapted to business objectives and to the limitations you are facing.
The main objective is the delivery of reliable results, allowing you an approach best suited to the target market’s specifics.

Being active on ever-changing markets and knowing the challenges posed by the target market, the correct design of the research instruments is what ensures one’s adaptation to the market context.

Ellipse Marketing’s priority is assisting companies in market penetration and development to successfully evaluate winning medium term strategies.

Examples of fields Ellipse Marketing has intervened in:

services, industry, construction, renewable energy, key sectors financed through European funds, FMCG etc.

Covered area:



research surveys, field research, desk research, benchmarking, ad-hoc research

The employed methods for market survey have at their core a rigorous marketing expertise and a know-how consolidated over numerous projects.


Ellipse Marketing's Focus:

Key Stories


Market analysis for expansionary development

Key elements of an Ellipse Marketing market research focused on the expansionary development strategy... read more...

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Your clients’ satisfaction: possible interpretations?

Your clients’ satisfaction: possible interpretations?

In the current context, the CRM strategy is mainly focusing on the exchanges between clients and company...


Market research architecture

Market research architecture

In the field of market research, the entire process must be built on two fundamental questions: What’s happening (descriptive research)? Why are those things happening (exploratory research)?